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LaVida Massage of Champaign is a business that is passionate about improving the lives of our clients. The owner of Lavida Massage takes this mission very seriously and is constantly available to assist clients with any questions or concerns they might have. In addition, all of our staff places a high importance on our clients; we strive to create a caring environment for everyone who walks through our doors.
One of the best things about working at Lavida is the look of relaxation and comfort we frequently encounter after a client finishes a massage. It’s hard not to be passionate about anything that produces such a positive effect on others. We help reduce the pain and stress of peoples’ lives. Every time we see this result, it encourages this passion even further.
Many of our employees have spent many years in the central Illinois community. We take pride in this community and the people who make it what it is. We enjoy helping members of the community to live a healthy life. Whether it’s a high stress job or hobby, or one that is physically taxing, we can find the massage therapist who is suited to the clients’ needs. By helping others, we are helping the community and we are very proud of that. Read more...

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LaVida Massage of Champaign, IL is dedicated to providing our clients the best deep tissue, Swedish, couples, chair, corporate, relaxation, sports and prenatal massages available. Our experienced therapists are also skilled at performing trigger point therapy and aromatherapy services for clients in the Champaign area. Easily accessible from downtown, we are located at the intersection of Glenn Park Dr. and N. Mattis Ave. nearby Glenn Park.